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Ayurveda Piles Treatment in Delhi

Ayurnava is an authentic Ayurvedic Piles treatment center located in Delhi and Gurgaon. Offers effective Piles treatments with supervision of highly qualified doctors and therapists. Ayurnava ayurvedic treatment center in Delhi is a Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala certified healing and wellness center with highly experienced physicians and therapists.

What is Piles

Piles or Hemorrhoid is a vascular structure inside the anal canal. Usually they undergo any inflammation and swelling and thus results in the disease.
Piles are caused by many factors like:
1. Constipation
2. Long term diarrhea
3. Low fiber diets
4. Pregnancy etc
It is classified as External and Internal type of Hemorrhoid.
This condition shows symptoms such as pain, swelling, bleeding etc according to the grade of the condition.

Homely management include:

1. Fiber rich foods
2. Avoiding squatting posture
3. Sits bath etc

Ayurvedic Concept:

Ayurveda consider hemorrhoid as Arsas, and explains that this occurs due to:
1. Yana( excessive walking)
2. Excessive intake of foods having taste katu(pungent)
3. Food which is teekshna( strong ), rooksha( too dry) etc
4. Bija dosha( genetic)
5. Daiva( fate)
These aggrevates the doshas which inturn pollutes rakta and mamsa causing arsas.
Ayurveda classifies Arsas under Sushka and Sravi varieties.
Among these sushka variety is besed on aggrevation of the doshas like Vata and Kapha; and the Ardra or Sraavi variety is based on Rakta and Pitta Doshas.

Arsas is managed by

Medicines like
1. Dusparshakadi kashayam
2. Chiruvilvadi kashayam
3. Guggulu panchapala choornam
4. Kankayana vati etc

And Treatments like

1. Vasti
2. Avagaha
3. Kshara sutra
4. Pichavasti etc
Ayurnava are experts in formulating a customized holistic Piles treatment solution uniquely for you. Book your appointment with our expert doctors now!

Ayurnava is also a specialist in providing various Ayurvedic panchakarma treatments with effective plans.

Piles FAQs

How can you get piles or hemorrhoid?

The size of piles can vary, and they are found inside or outside the anus. Piles occur due to chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, or straining when passing a stool. A doctor can usually diagnose piles on examination.

What not to eat in piles?

Ref: https://www.everydayhealth.com/news/six-easy-ways-prevent-hemorrhoids/

What shrinks piles?

Apple cider vinegar More: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/7-best-worst-home-remedies-hemorrhoids/

Which type of doctor to consult for piles?

In most cases, you can see a general practitioner or your family physician about your hemorrhoid symptoms.

How do you get rid of a hemorrhoid?

Moderate aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking 20–30 minutes a day, can help stimulate bowel function.
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