History of Ayurveda

Ayurveda treatment is medical science and is the oldest healing technique and practiced almost around 5000 years ago. The word describes ‘Ayu’ means life or lifespan and Veda means knowledge (The Science of Life). Hindu Vedas consider Ayurveda as a gift of God to people which was communicated to the saints and sages of India through the deep meditation. The great sages Veda Vyasa, of India, is considered to have written the Vedas for the first time. These Vedas cover the topics of health and the use of various herbs and shrubs to cure various diseases. Mainly Vedas are divided into four types. They are Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva Veda (Ayurveda means ‘The Science of Life is a subsection of the Atharva Veda’). At the beginning of Ayurveda, Brahmins have learned a principle of disease healing and they considered as physicians. However, the days passed and other castes also learned this art of curing and the specific term vaidya.

Principle And Aim of Ayurveda Treatment

The basic fundamental principle and aim of Ayurveda Treatment are to prevent and treat illness. Its also used to maintain balance in the body, mind, and also consciousness through proper drinking, lifestyle, diet, as well as herbal remedies, etc. Nowadays Ayurvedic medicine has a main power to the holistic approach to health and healing of all kind of diseases. The branches of modern Ayurveda include via Principles of preventive Ayurnava known as best Ayurveda treatment centre in Delhi for the entire family the treatment technique called kulam svastyam kutumbakam. Treatment of addictions (sangakara chikitsa) vatavyadhi chikitsa treatment for Musculoskeletal system in Female and male infertility called vajikarana Purification and Panchakarma Chikitsa for rejuvenation treatments Saundarya Dadhana a beauty and cosmetic treatments both for men and women. The ayurvedic approach to diet and weight loss which is called sthaulya chikitsa Techniques involved in Promotion of self-healing and resistance to various terrible disease (svabhaavoparamavaada).

Various types of Ayurveda treatments in Kerala

Ayurvedic treatments differ from the majority of conventional cures in its unique approach towards healing. The principle of treating the sick and not the sickness is central to all forms of ayurvedic treatments.

  • Kaya chikitsa (General treatment)
  • Visha chikitsa (Toxicology),
  • Vajeekarana chikitsa (Aphrodisiac treatment).
  • Grahachikitsa (Psychiatry),
  • Urndhanga chikitsa (ENT & eye diseases treatment),
  • Bala chikitsa (Pediatrics)
  • Salya chikitsa (Surgical procedures),
  • Rasayana chikitsa (Geriatrics)

Goal of the Ayurvedic Treatment

The goal of the Ayurvedic Treatment include eliminating impurities, increase resistance to diseases, reduce symptoms and worry and increase harmony in patient’s life. To achieve these goals, the practitioners use several methods and techniques. These goals are explained down in detail:

  • Eliminating Impurities-Panchakarma is the process that is used for eliminating the impurities and cleansing the body of ama. Ama is the undigested food that prevents the normal functioning of the body and causes diseases. The ama is eliminated from the body through the digestive tract and respiratory system by means of Enemas, medical oils, and massage.
  • Reducing the Symptoms-there can be many methods that the practitioner may suggest such as stretching, physical exercises, breathing, meditation, massage, change in diet, etc. The patients can also take certain herbs with honey to digest the food easily. Sometimes, minerals and metal preparations can also be given.
  • Increasing Resistance to Diseases-the resistance to diseases can be increased by means of tonics made from herbs, minerals, proteins, and vitamins. The tonics help to improve the digestion, appetite and immunity system.
  • Reducing Tension and Increase Harmony- The Ayurvedic Treatment is about spiritual healing and mental nurturing. The practitioners can suggest ways to reduce the tension and create harmony between the doshas.

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