Botanical name- TinosporsaCordifolia
Family – Minispermaceae
It is commonly known as Giloy. Its native Place is tropical areas like Myanmar & Sri lanka.

Synonyms of giloy are guduchi, amrita, cinnodbhava, jwarari, jwarnashini, kundali, guduchika, jivantika, tantrika, dhara, nagakanyaka, bhishakpriya, madhuparni, somvalli.

Chemical composition – berberine, phenylpropane, disaccharides, choline, tinosporin, tinosporon.
In terms of guna – guduchi is described
• Laghu ( light)
• Depanam ( increases digestive fire)
• Chakshushyan (good for eyes)
• Medhyan ( rejuventating for the mind)

The root stem, leaves, of the guduchi plant are all used medicinally in ayurveda although it is primarily the bitter starch of the plant ( known as “Giloysatva”). The stem is regarded to have anti purgative effects where as the leaves are mucilagious while the roots give anti emetic effects.

In Charaksamhita, guduchi is listed as having the following actions:-
• Vatahara (alleviates vata)
• Kaphahara (alleviates kapha)
• Rakhtapittahara (alleviates bleeding disorder)
• Vayahasthapana (anti aging)
• Stanyashodan (detoxifies breast milk)
• Trishnanigrahana (alleviates thirst)
• Dahaprashman (alleviates burning)
• Jwaraghna ( alleviates fever)

Acharya Charak classifies guduchi among astringents, vata alleviation, appetizers & pacifiers of kapharakta and constipation. Acharya charak also lists guduchi as an ingredient in a paste prepared for treating skin disorder.

Guduchiia also featured in a formula for gout which states that “ghee prepared with rasna, guduchi, madhuyasti (mulethi of both types), bala, jivaka, risabhaka along with milk & added bee wax is used as paste for alleviating vatarakta (gout).

Acharya Charak lists guduchi as main ingredient in taila formulation known as “Amrita taila”. He describes it as one of the best oils. It brings back to normalcy person with diminished energy, agni and strength, confused mind & suffering from insanity.


An ayurvedic herbal water extract prepared by macerations (cold soaking). It includes the water-soluble extract of TinosporaCordifolia (In Hindi, Giloy or Guduchi).Giloy Sat is beneficial in all types of PITTA (heat) disorders. It helps treating constipation, digesting AMA (toxin), correcting liver functions, etc. It has several health benefits. Generally, it affects all body tissues with aggravated PITTA humour and improves immunity due to its immuno-modulatory effects.

Medicinal Properties

Giloy Sat (Amrita or GuduchiSatva) has following healing properties.

Primary Actions

• Detox (eliminates AMA)
• Mild Antipyretic
• Anti-inflammatory
• Hematogenic (helps in formation of red blood cells)
• Anti-gout
• Immunomodulator
• Blood purifier
• Antioxidant
• Carminative

Secondary Actions

• Antacid
• Anti-arthritic
• Mild anti-hypertensive
• Demulcent
• Mild laxative
• Digestive Stimulant
• Hypo-glycemic
• Adaptogenic
• Anticancer
• Anti-mutagenic
• Antipruritics

Chemical Constitution

The following table gives a brief idea about its chemical constituents:

Plant Part Active Component                                 
Whole plant Diterpenoid lactones and aliphatic compounds
Stem Glycosides
Aerial parts of the stem Steroids
Root Alkaloids

• Diterpenoid lactones work as a vasorelaxant and help in relieving stress by suppressing norepinephrine (stress hormone).
• Aliphatic compounds like octacosanol improve body strength and stamina which is why Giloy is often used as a nutrition supplement.
• The glycosides present in the stem are effective in treating neurological disorders like dementia and Parkinsons.
• Alkaloids like choline, tinosporin, berberine etc., are beneficial in the treatment of viral infections and even work as anti-cancer agents and immuono-modulators (as they normalize the immune system).
Apart from this, the plant has also been found to be rich in potassium, calcium and protein

Therapeutic Indications

Giloy Sat (Amrita or GuduchiSatva) is helpful in following health conditions.


• Fever
• Burning sensation in fever
• Low immunity
• Diabetes

Brain & Nerves

• Depression with aggressive behavior (along with Mukta Pishti (pearl calcium), Jatamansi (spikenard) and brahmi.

Ayurveda calls Tinosporacordifolia as a MedhaRasayana as it helps in enhancing memory. Specifically, the extract of the root of the Giloy plant worked as a memory enhancer when given to rats in a controlled setup. Children responded with not only better IQ levels but also a decrease in mental instability.
Being an adaptogen, Giloy reduces mental stress and anxiety and boosts cognitive functions, which is why it is considered as an excellent brain tonic.

Heart & Blood

• Tachycardia
• Heart Palpitation

Digestive Health

• Acidity & Gastritis
• Peptic or duodenal Ulcer (with Mulethi (Yashtimadhu) and pravalpishti)
• Mouth ulcer
• Ulcerative colitis (with vanshlochan)
• Diarrhea with mucus
• Excessive thirst
• Loss of appetite (caused by hyperacidity)
• Indigestion (caused by hyperacidity)
• Intestinal gas

Muscle, Bones & Joints

• Gout or elevated uric acid level

Medicinal Uses & Health Benefits

The main action of Giloy Sat (GuduchiSatva) is on PITTA humor aggravation. However, it brings the balance between all three humors, but the predominant effect is seen on PITTA and heat disorders.

Fevers & Infections

GiloySatva (Guduchi Sat) has mild antipyretic effects. Along with PravalPishti, it works as a potent ayurvedic antipyretic and lowers 1 to 2 degree temperature within 30 to 60 minutes. However, it works as PARACETAMOL, so temperature will again rise after diminution of its effects in bacterial infections. Therefore, other medicines are also required to cover up the associated infection.

Furthermore, it has one more effect in fever. In fever, patients feel weakness, loss of energy or loss of strength, tiredness and restlessness. No such symptom occurs if patients take Giloysatva with pravalpishti. This combination also reduces burning sensation and heat sensation in the hands, feet and body.

Giloy As An Immunity Booster

The vitality enhancing herb is well known for its ability to enhance immunity.

Packed with antioxidants, Giloy flushes out free radicals. It also acts as an anti-toxin and a blood purifier by balancing the pitta dosha. It works as a health rejuvenator and creates an immune system that is capable to fight diseases like jaundice, tuberculosis and other chronic fevers. Consuming Giloyvati daily can free you from the numerous visits to the doctor by creating a healthier and stronger version of your body.

Suggested Remedy

For relieve from jaundice, prepare Giloy leaves powder by drying them. Consume it with a teaspoon of honey for best results. Giloy sat also acts as immunomodulator, so it also improves body’s defense mechanism. If person takes Giloy sat alone, then this effect is observable more in viral infections such as common cold and flu. To build non-specific immunity, the patient requires 40 days courses of GiloySatva and vasantmaltiras (gold). It develops non-specific immunity in the body at greater extent. This combination helps a lot to prevent a variety of several bacterial as well as viral infections.


Some diabetic patients have symptoms such as excessive thirst, frequent urination, tiredness, lack of interest, increased hunger, frequent urinary tract infections, tingling sensation in feet or numbness in hands or feet. Giloy Sat reduces all these symptoms when it is taken with following adjuvants.

Diabetic SymptomsGiloy Sat Adjuvants
Excessive thirstAmla (Indian Gooseberry)
and Mustak (nut grass) or
Vetiver (Ushir or Vetiveriazizanioides)
Frequent urinationChandraprabhavati or Shilajit
Tiredness or lack of interestAshwagandha (WithaniaSomnifera)
Frequent urinary tract infectionsJasadBhasma (Zinc Supplement)
Tingling sensation in feet or Burning feetGandhakRasyan
Numbness in hands or feetTurmeric (haldi) powder and Cinnamon (dalchini) powder.

Medicinal Preparations of Giloy

• Amritotaramkwatham
• Guluchyadikwatham
• Vasaguluchyadikwatham
• Amritarishtam
• Amritaprasham
• Giloyghanvati
• Giloy

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