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Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment in Gurgaon

Ayurveda Packages

ayurnavaAyurnava is an authentic Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment center located in Gurgaon (Gurugram). Offers effective Panchakarma treatments for Cleansing, Balancing, Healing and Rejuvenation. All the Ayurveda treatments at Ayurnava Delhi are supervised by highly qualified and experienced doctors and therapists. Ayurnava Ayurveda treatment center is also a Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala certified healing center with highly experienced physicians and therapists qualified from Kerala.

Best Panchakarma Treatment Center in Gurgaon
AyurNava is an authentic and traditional Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment Center with specialized doctors and therapists. AyurNava is also the authorized dealer of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala in Gurugram (Gurgaon). We offer different kinds of specialized Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatments like, Abhyangam, Pizhichil, Udwarthanam, Podikizhi, Nasyam, Shirovasthi, Shirodhara, Kativasti, Elakizhi, Navarakizhi, Marma Chikitsa, Agnikarmam, Rakthamoksham, etc. AyurNava doctors are experts in providing Stress management therapies, back pain treatment, relaxation and rejuvenation etc.

What is Panchakarma
Panchakarma (five actions) is a cleansing and rejuvenating program in Ayurveda for the body, mind and consciousness. It will be benefited on overall health, wellness and self-healing.

AyurNava is an authentic and traditional Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment Center in Gurgaon. AyurNava is also the authorized dealer of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala in Gurgaon. We offer different kinds of specialized Ayurvedic treatments like, Abhyangam, Pizhichil, Udwarthanam, Podikizhi, Nasyam, Shirovasthi, Shirodhara, Kativasti, Elakizhi, Navarakizhi, Marma Chikitsa, Agnikarmam, Rakthamoksham, etc. AyurNava doctors are experts in providing Stress management therapies, back pain treatment, relaxation and rejuvenation etc.

Check out the various Ayurveda Rejuvenation Treatment Packages offered by AyurNava Delhi and Gurgaon below;
Benefits of Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments
Here is the list of benefits we get from Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments and therapies;

1. Panchakarma can eliminate toxins from our body and mind.
2. This will improve our overall health and wellness.
3. Panchakarma can strengthen our immune system.
4. Ayurveda panchakarma treatment can slow down the aging process.
5. It can improve our energy, vitality and mental clarity.
6. Can bring deep relaxation and sense of well-being.

Check out the various Ayurveda Rejuvenation Treatment Packages offered by AyurNava Delhi and Gurgaon below;

Panchakarma packages offered

Anti-Ageing - RasayanaChikitsa / Rejuvenating treatments. 28 Days.

Aims at keeping the enzymes in the tissue cells in their normal functioning condition. The cells are revitalized and their composition is changed. The nerves and bones are kept soft and smoothened; tranquillity of the mind is promoted. This prevents the process of ageing and makes the individual free from diseases even at an advanced age.

Ayurveda is not only a science, but also an art of appropriate living, which helps to achieve longevity. It can guide every individual in the proper choice of diet, living habits and exercise to restore balance in the body, mind and consciousness, thus preventing disease.

According to authentic Ayurvedic textbooks, rejuvenation must be done only after detoxifying the body. Keeping these principlesAyurnava, Kerala Ayurveda treatment centre at Gurgaondeveloped a special treatment programme, which goes well with the present lifestyle.

In this Anti-aging programme, the first 2 weeks are reserved for a cleansing treatment to eliminate the toxins. Then, the rejuvenation treatments start, with medicines and diet. Our programme is based on the prime treatment in ayurveda for reducing the aging processes, arresting the degeneration of the body cells and increasing the immunity of the system.

Key therapies: Nasyam, virechanam, vamanam, snehavasthi or kashayavasthi depend upon the constitution or dominant doshas along with some preparative treatments like Pizhichil, pouch massages, different types of uzhichil [massage], sirodhara, sirovasthi, kayasekam etc. for purifying the body. Followed by this cleansing, there will be some rejuvenating uzhichil [massage], uzhichil with special creams, njavarakizhi, Ksheeradhara, kashayadhara, udvardhanam, mukhalepam, thechukulli along with rasayanas and a nourishing diet.

Anti-Stress Programme - Manasanthy 14 Days

It is a proven fact that the mind plays an important role in governing not just the actions we take, but their qualitative nature, i.e., how well or badly we act.
Panchakarma Treatment Center in Gurgaon
Anything which manipulates the mind will thus reflect on the body. People facing a lot of stress from their hectic lives thus end up with not only mental, but a host of physical problems too, usually called 'lifestyle diseases'.

Ayurveda, combined with Yoga offers the perfect answer for this.
AtAyurnava, Kerala Ayurveda treatment centre developed a special 14 days programme called 'Manasanthy', based on these two ancient systems of wellness.
Key therapies: the classical treatments like Uzhichil, Sirodhara,
Sirovasthy, Nasyam, Kateevasthy, Njavarakizhi, Sarvangadhara, Pichu, Thalam, Thalapothichil etc. are provided in its authentic form. All these are supported by special Yoga therapies, herbal medicines and herbal teas according to the constitution.

This programme is beneficial for those who are physically and mentally stressed, and/or suffer from conditions like insomnia, lack of concentration, fatigue, tension headaches and so on. It's also good for those who travel a lot, late night workers, I.T. professionals and computer users in general.

General Rejuvenation - Detoxification(Pancha karma). 21 to 28 Days

Panch karma is the classic 5-point revitalisation treatment that's gaining worldwide fame these days

Although Panchakarma is often thought of as the entire procedure, it really is one part of a group of therapies belonging to a class of cleansing procedures called 'shodhana', the Panchkarma process is more intensive, following closely the early texts of Ayurveda like the CharakaSamhita and the SushrutaSamhita.

Poorvakarma - Pre Purification Measures

Before the actual processes of purification begin, there is a need to prepare the body in prescribed methods and encourage the body to let go of the toxins. The two procedures are 'Snehanam' and 'Swedanam'. Snehanam means oleating the body, helping the toxins to move towards the gastrointestinal tract. It also makes the superficial and deep tissues soft and supple, thus helping to remove stress and to nourish the nervous system.

Swedanam means 'sudation' or sweating, which is followed by snehanam..This procedure liquefies the toxins and increases the movement of toxins in to the gastrointestinal tract. After this Snehanam and swedanam,doshas become well 'ripened'. A particular panchakarma is then given according to the individual's constitution and disorder.

Detoxification (Pradhana) karma - main procedure
  • Nasyam Elimination of toxins through the nose.
  • Vamanam Therapeutic vomiting.
  • Virechanam ` Purgation.
  • Vasthy Enema.
  • Rakthamoksham Detoxification of the blood.
Paschat karma - post purification measures.

It is important to follow a diet and lifestyle that is harmonious with one's constitution. If not patients could worsen their condition by suppressing the renewed healing energies. The toxins may then directly enter cleansed tissues and go deeper than before.

Some things to avoid are loud talking, bumpy rides, long walks, excessive sitting and excessive eating, if experiencing indigestion. Avoid eating unwholesome food, daytime sleep and sexual indulgence in excess. Take 'Rasayanas' to rebuild the damaged tissues and to give a new level of strength and energy. Herbs and foods can be used specifically to rebuild tissue layers and herbs also have a direct rejuvenative effect on the various organs and tissue layers.

Key therapies 
Snehapanam, uzhichil, sirodhara, sirovasthy, podikizhi, elekizhi, dhanyakizhi, njavarakizhi, pizhichil, narangakizhi, dasamoolaksheeradhara,kativasthi, urovasthi, nasyam, vamanam, virechanam, kashayavasthi, ksheeravasthi, snehavasthi, mathravasthi etc. are the treatments included in this package.

Slimming Programme - SthoulyaChikilsa. 21 to 28 Days.

Diet pills lower the body's fat set points by speeding up the organism, making both body and brain work faster. This increases Vata, which makes both body and mind crave for more sweets to balance.
Ayurveda believes in speeding up organism in healthy natural ways, with treatments to increase fat metabolism, exercise, herb-based diet supplements and the use of light non-kapha producing foods, which control vata while relieving the system of excess kapha.
InAyurnava Kerala Ayurveda treatment centre at Gurgaon, there is a programme for 28 days including yoga, which assures you of genuine metabolic change.

Key treatments:
Udvardhanam, Padabhyangam,Ayurnavauzhichil, lepanam, medicated steam bath, podikizhi, internal medication and herbal teas.

What is the cost of Panchakarma treatment?

Call us now to get the cost with offers.

What is the process of Panchakarma?

Panchakarma is an elegant cleansing process that releases stored toxins and restores the body's innate healing ability. When our digestive energies, known as Agni (fire), are robust, we create healthy tissues, eliminate waste products efficiently, and produce a subtle essence called Ojas.

What is Basti treatment?

Ayurvedic basti involves the introduction into the rectum of herbal substances like oil and decoction etc in a liquid medium. Basti, is the most effective treatment of vata disorders, although many enemas over a prescribed period of time are usually required.

What is the meaning of Shirodhara?

Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead and can be one of the steps involved in Panchakarma.

What is Kitchari soup?

Kitchari is a simple dish made of mung beans and rice and it is used in Ayurveda to heal all that ails, kind of like chicken soup in the west.

What is Basti Kriya?

Basti is an important part of Shatkarma (sometimes known as Shatkriya), the yogic system of body cleansing techniques.

What is Kati Basti?

Kati basti is a medicinal oil treatment for relieving tensions of the lower back. The patient lays down on their stomach, a ring is fixed on their back with a paste made of a special flour and water.

What is Janu Basti?

The knee joint is called Janu Sandhi in Sanskrit; hence the name Janu Basti is given to the proceduredone on knee joints.

What is the meaning of Nasya in Ayurveda?

'Nasya' is an Ayurvedic practice that encourages nasal administration of medicinal herbs, decoctions and oils. Commonly such treatments are known to clear sinus congestion, help clear accumulated toxins from head and neck region.

What is Nasyam?

Nasyam is a therapeutic treatment for the nose, throat, sinuses and head. The face, shoulders and chest are massaged with specific herbal oil and the herbal extracts and herbal oils are measured exactly and instilled into the nostrils, while inhaling.

What is the meaning of abhyanga?

Abhyanga ("oil massage") is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with large amounts of warm oil. The oil is often pre-medicated with herbs for specific conditions.

What does Kitchari mean?

Kitchari means mixture, usually of two grains. This is one kitchari recipe that is particularly nourishing and easy to digest.

What is vata pitta and kapha?

The central concept of Ayurvedic medicine is the theory that health exists when there is a balance between three fundamental bodily bio-elements or doshas called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

What is vamana therapy?

Vamana Karma, also known as medical emesis or medical vomiting, is one of the five Pradhana Karmas of Panchakarma which is used in treating Kaphaj disorders.

What is Kati Vasti?

The waist area of the body is called Kati. Holding warm ayurvedic oils on the affected areas is called Vasti. Kati Vasti involves retention of warm thick medicated oil over the lower back or other parts of the spine for certain period.

What is the Uddiyana bandha?

Uḍḍīyana Bandha (Sanskrit) is the abdominal bandha described and employed in hatha yoga. It involves, after having exhaled all the air out, pulling the abdomen under the rib cage by taking a false inhale while holding the breath and then release the abdomen after a pause.

What are the three Bandhas?

Mula Bandha, contraction of the perineum. Uddiyana bandha, contraction of the abdomen into the rib cage. Jalandhara Bandha, tucking the chin close to the chest.

What is Pada bandha?

Strengthening the arches of the feet is to create a “pada bandha”. Pada means foot and. bandha means to lift or to catch or to harness. Typically, the inner arches of the foot. droop, which reflects up the leg as weakened inner thigh muscles, and into the back as.

What is Nasya oil made from?

Nasya is the nasal administration of medicinal herbs, decoctions and oils. Different types of substances are used to treat many various aliments.

How is massage good for you?

Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

Which is the best oil for body massage?

Melrose Sweet Almond Oil. Sweet almond oil is one of the most popular massage oils among massage therapists.

What is my Ayurvedic body type?

The three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—are derived from the five elements.



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